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Short Term Funding

Short term funding refers to methods of additional business financing with repayment periods of under a year whereas traditional loans have repayment periods of several years or longer. Companies tend to seek short term funding when new, unexpected opportunities to generate revenue arise, or when an unforeseen, temporary hardship hinders productivity.

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Business Lines of Credit

Business lines of credit work similarly to credit cards in that you can borrow up to a certain pre-determined limit and pay interest on only what you borrow. Lines of credit like this provide incredible flexibility as the funds can be used for any number of expenses, including operating costs, cash glow gaps, and more.

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Bridge Loans

A bridge loan is a loan taken to cover the interval between gaps in funding, typically between buying a new property or expanding and selling another. The loan duration can last anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of years, depending on the specific terms. Bridge loans are to help fund operations while securing more permanent solutions.

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Factoring, or invoice factoring, is the process by a which a company can sell unpaid invoices to a third party for a majority portion of the amount owed. In exchange for a smaller percentage of the total invoice amount, business owners have the freedom to no longer worry about tracking down and collecting unpaid invoices, getting upfront cash instead.